We are star stuff harvesting star light

Directed by Veronica Velasco
Produced by Skylight Films
Released July 2013


Tonio Sucat is an old retired man on his way to making his dream come true, his dream of starting his own bakery.

Fiesta Dacanay is a grumpy female conductor whose daily struggle with an alcoholic father has been made less like hell because of a new dashing young man suddenly appearing in her life.

Caloy Sicat is a hormonal teenage boy whose long-distant, pure-but-not-really love life is being challenged by cheating and temptations.

The three were riding a public, non-air conditioned bus, driven by a lousy driver, traveling a wide road. The three, strangers to each other, were about to face an ironically funny and yet fatal accident. Natuhog sila. (English: Impaled)

And upon assessment of the physicians, only two of them can be saved. The last one to be released from the metal bar which went through them will be the person who will die.

The question is… who gets to be that last, unfortunate one?


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