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Upside Down

A French-Canadian film directed by Juan Solanas
Starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess
Released 2012


Stories of star-crossed lovers always have their charms, and the movie Upside Down is not an exception. The film is a tale of the beautiful love affair between Adam and Eden, who fell in love during their teenage years. But the two cannot be together because they live in different worlds, as in literally different worlds.

This science fiction film is set on a twin planet, each planet having its own separate gravitational pull but both revolve in a single axis. In this setting, a person in the open ground looking directly above does not only see the open sky, or the clouds, but also, they see above them numerous buildings, people, a whole city, a civilization, standing upside down from their own. The two planets are named the Up Top and the Down Below, the Up Top being the world that is progressive, advanced world, and the Down Below being the poor one.

Adam lives in Down Below while Eden lives in Up Top. They met each other, upside down, while each of them stood at the peak of a high place, a mountain, from their own worlds. They started to talk and they met secretly, since direct communication or contact from the two worlds isn’t exactly allowed. The two teenagers then fell in love, and they continued to have their secret rendezvous, until one day, they were seen by the authorities; and this event had led Eden to a fatal accident.

10 years passed. Adam, all the while, had thought that Eden is dead, until he saw her in a television show. At that moment, he did everything he is capable of to once again see Eden and bring back their love, and that had meant breaking the rules, breaking in the Up Top, carrying out a genius plan, creating a revolutionary idea, and eventually, changing the world.

Although the plot of the movie (poor but handsome, nice, and smart boy meets rich, kind, nice girl and falls in love) isn’t entirely original, the film’s whole take on this kind of story is definitely unique. The concept of an upside down world is wonderful to the minds of many fantasy lovers and making it visually happen through the movie is truly delightful.

The characters are lovable as well. The music is perfect. The acting is magnificent. The concept of the twin planet is creative. The way how the whole film is taken, the colors, the graphics, everything, for me, is excellent. The visuals are, in fact, stunning. I truly loved everything about this film.

But above all, I love how the film had shown the beauty of pure, innocent love. The love story of the protagonists are simply, beautiful. I seldom cry out of joy during a movie, but in here, I did and I’m happy.

Also, I love happy endings.


This one now goes to my list of favorite films :)


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